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Pittsburgh’s All DFA Index Portfolios
& Retirement Income Planning Firm
Since 1989

Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning

Our Typical Client ($600k+ Minimum) Services:

  • Emotions Management
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Fee – Only Discretionary Investment Management
  • Investment Management Fee Tax Deductibility (from taxable "PBA" account) if 1040 Itemization Requirements are Satisfied(Subject to 2% AGI)
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Recommendation(s) (often multiple strategies across various account types)
  • Glide Path Analysis and Recommendations
  • Asset Class Diversification Recommendations
  • Index Dimensional (DFA) Investment Recommendations
  • Regular Rebalancing Audits
  • Rebalancing Asset Classes per customized min/max bands
  • Personal Balance Sheet (PBS) Preparation & Updates
  • Personal Cash Flow Statement(s) Preparation & Updates
  • Retirement Cash Flow Statement(s) Pro-Forma (RCFS) Preparation & Updates
  • Retirement “Income Gap” Identification for “Guaranteed Income” to Solve for: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare & Transportation Needs
  • Customized Recommendations Developed with our "DiNuzzo Money Bucket Stack Analysis" for Your Unique Life & Personal Finances
  • Annual (Semi - Annual) Client "Review" Meeting(s)
  • Quarterly Contact From Your "Lead" Relationship Wealth Manager
  • Rebalancing Transaction Contact From Your Wealth Manager Team
  • Ongoing Advice
  • Client Services
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Continuing Education
  • Tax Management
  • Chart & Data Updates
  • Withdrawal & Deposit Management
  • Alternative Investment Evaluations
  • Tax Planning & Preparation for DiNuzzo Private Clients (DPC) ($1M+)
  • Roth IRA Conversion Analysis for DiNuzzo Private Clients (DPC) ($1M+)
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